Prestige Pharmacy is a neighborhood pharmacy store providing services to the surrounding communities and various medical entities. We cater to a variety of client needs and maintain a stock of all industry necessary and/or required prescriptions. Our pharmacists maintains an updated list of all new changes being made in the industry, in order to assure that our clients end up with the most effective and most accurate medicines to cure their ailment.

The pharmacists at Prestige Pharmacy have been providing pharmacy services to long-term care, Research facilities, Doctors Offices and Retirement facilities for years. We believe in the value of keeping a healthy family, and through that belief we strive to provide the best of quality and/or recommendation of medication to our clients ALWAYS. We provide various crucial pharmaceutical services to our clientele other than having our physical location, we do various out-post services for our clients. Listed below are some of our additional services:

The pharmacists at Prestige Pharmacy have been providing pharmacy services to long-term care and retirement facilities for years. Our goal is to make sure the right resident receives the right medication at the right time. We are able to achieve this with advanced technology and a dedicated staff. Our staffs ensure that 1.Every prescription is checked three times to guarantee accuracy. 2. Monitor all patient medical profiles with sophisticated computer programs to identify any potential drug-drug, drug-disease or drug-food interactions and to screen for allergic reactions to prescribed medications. 3. Review and select less costly generic alternatives when appropriate. 4. Utilize individual packaged unit dose medications which minimize waste by allowing the return of many medications when discontinued.

Our Pharmacist also provides consulting services for any/all necessary clinical services, including pharmacokinetic assessments, reviewing for unnecessary drug use and psychotropic drug monitoring. Each finding or recommendation is documented in a consultant report to the attending physician and the appropriate facility staff. We also provide additional clinical information is provided for the staff as needed or required by regulation.

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